Welness Area

Revitalising Shower

A mini wellness path, a unique and unrepeatable sensation of pleasure, which releases pleasant and captivating effects through water, a vital element. A magical moment that frees the mind, pampers and envelops the body while instilling a strong vital charge.

The emotional shower is a play of waters that gives the body a regenerating sensation. Used before other treatments, it prepares the body and warms it up. Used as an interval during the various cycles, it serves to bring the body’s temperature back to its natural levels. Moreover, thanks to the pressure exerted by the various water jets, it facilitates the release of muscle tension and massages the body and limbs that have previously been stretched and relaxed during the stay in the sauna and steam bath, thus favouring the continuation of the sensual journey. The various water features soothe and pamper the guest, while at the same time infusing them with vitality.

The experience shower provides a regenerating feeling and has no contraindications.

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