Welness Area

Salt Room

The pleasant scent of the sea air, enhanced by the play of colours, gives a feeling of relaxation and tranquillity.
A healthy environment with a surreal atmosphere where you can breathe in well-being.

A perfect place for self-care and regeneration of the senses. The colours and music help create a magical atmosphere, where time seems to stand still and expand infinitely, and where any tension or thoughts melt away, freeing the mind.


Called ‘white gold’ and considered a precious gift from Mother Earth, salt (from the Greek Halos) has in fact been used since antiquity not only for food preservation but above all for its countless therapeutic properties.

When at the seashore one breathes in the ‘taste of the sea’, or feels the sea saltiness, one is doing Halotherapy. Also known as salt therapy, it is an entirely natural method. It is based on the inhalation of crystalline salt micro-particles nebulised in the environment, which, thanks to their antibacterial and anti-inflammatory action, are able to help sanitise the respiratory tract, strengthen the immune system and eliminate muscular tension and stress.

Today, thanks to the Salt Room, we can recreate the beneficial effects of time spent by the sea and amplify them, creating an ‘ad hoc’ marine micro-climate that is healthy for everyone, young and old.

The origins

As far back as the Middle Ages, in order to cure certain illnesses, monks would take sick people into salt caves and let them breathe in salt particles generated by breaking stalactites. In the 19th century, it was noted that Polish miners in the rock salt mines were the only ones who enjoyed good health compared to the hard work they did and the poor air conditions in the depths of the mines.

The first scientific studies on the microclimate of the Salt Rooms date back to the Polish physicist F. Bochkowsky (1843). In them, he determined the important characteristics of size and lightness of salt molecules that determine health results. Since its first evaluations, halotherapy has become increasingly popular until it became an officially recognised medical therapy in several European countries.

How you do it

Using specially created equipment, it is possible to recreate the beneficial effects of time spent by the sea and amplify them, creating an ‘ad hoc’ marine micro-climate that is healthy for everyone. In the Salt Room, there is a wall of Himalayan pink salt bricks, a wall that is free on each side, thus allowing its full potential to be exploited. The relaxing effect is also completed by the chromotherapy system, which illuminates the salt wall in different colours. Finally, the nebuliser rounds off the pleasantness and benefit of the treatment by creating a salt mist that, in addition to its many beneficial effects, provides a unique emotion.

Himalayan pink salt

The salt used is Himalayan pink salt, in grain and brick form. The special feature of this salt, extracted from the Himalayan slopes, is that in addition to sodium chloride, it contains a further 84 trace elements, i.e. all those trace elements we need, in the right portions. It is therefore the most complete and the most valuable. Moreover, it is an unrefined salt, i.e. not chemically treated. The pink colour is given to it by the presence of iron.

The importance of salt in our body

The close relationship between salt and water plays an important role in our bodies. Its ability to regulate water balance and to support the body’s positive processes right into the cells gives salt a really important role in

– Balanced fluid distribution
– Purification and detoxification of tissues
– Stability of our blood circulation and functional capacity
– Functionality of the kidneys
– Purification and secretion
– Digestion – assimilation and utilisation of nutrients
– Nerve conduction and brain activity
– Muscles and cardiac activity

The benefits

The medical-scientific bibliography identifies the same value as 3 days by the sea with 30 minutes of halotherapy.
Halotherapy has proven to be particularly suitable for the treatment of respiratory and ear diseases, allergic illnesses and skin diseases. It also promotes blood circulation and stimulates the metabolism.
Other benefits are:

– Reduced tendency to colds and flu.
– Improved sleep, meditation and relaxation.
– Increased lung capacity.
– Increased utilisation of vitamins B and C.
– Relief of allergies and hay fever.
– Relief of migraines.
– Relief of the respiratory tract and nose.
– Reduction in intensity of asthma attacks.
– Improvement of the immune system.
– Relief of discomfort caused by an excess of serotonin (‘good mood hormone’ when the serotonin level in the blood rises we feel nervous, tense, depressed) and stamina in the body.
– Relief of irritated throat, bronchial cough, nausea.
– Normalisation of hormonal imbalances.
– Decreased irritability, depression and tension.
– Increased attention.
– Increased work productivity.
– Improved concentration.
– More effective functioning of the entire organism.

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