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Turkish Bath

Always a place dedicated to body care and relaxation, it allows you to stretch your limbs and release all tension, enveloped in the soothing warm steam

It is not only a steam bath with various positive effects, but has always been a time for gathering and socialising, as in Eastern and later Western tradition. Its origin is very ancient. In fact, we find traces of it already among the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans. According to the veterans of ancient civilisation, the steam bath restored the body’s lost vigour and also toned the spirit. After the fall of the Roman Empire, the Arabs resumed this tradition with baths called ‘hammam’ (‘to warm’). These baths, similar to the Roman ones, were however smaller and with a reduced number of stations.
The heat of the Steam Bath is a natural form of treatment that affects metabolism, hormones, blood circulation, is a source of self-care and well-being and is able to give gratifying results in a short time.

How it works

The steam bath is a treatment that takes place in an enclosed environment where the relative humidity is very high (90 to 100%). The internal temperature varies from 40 to 60°C and increases from the bottom to the top.

Sweating is less intense than in a very hot and dry environment such as a sauna, but since the stay is longer, the end result is often that the amount of perspiration perspired is higher.

Beneficial effects.

– Promotes circulation: the first effect of heat is in fact the dilation of blood vessels;
– It favours deep cleansing and purification of the skin. In fact, when the vapour content in an environment is greater than the amount of water present in the epidermis, a layer of moisture forms on the skin that brings heat to the body. The heat causes the pores to open up, resulting in increased sweating. The epidermis thus appears brighter, more elastic and softer, as perspiration eliminates numerous toxins and stimulates cell renewal and perspiration.
– It also has an invigorating and relaxing effect and helps the nervous system to combat daily stress and tension.

Tips for proper use of the Turkish Bath
  • Before entering the Turkish bath, take a lukewarm shower and dry your body well, so as not to delay sweating.
  • Enter the Turkish bath and choose a relaxing and comfortable position. The temperature becomes warmer from the bottom upwards.
  • The stay should not exceed 20 minutes but, be careful, if your temples throb, stop earlier. Heat tolerance can vary from person to person, so it is important to listen to your body’s signals.
  • Get out and take a cold shower to bring your temperature back to normal.
    You can repeat this exercise two or three times, always paying attention to the same precautions.
  • To finish the treatment, take a final shower.
  • Once you have finished, calmly dry off to acclimatise your body to room temperature.
  • Sit down and relax for at least 10 minutes wrapped in a towel or cloth.
  • Remember to replenish the fluids lost through sweating with herbal tea, water or fruit juices, avoiding alcoholic drinks of course.
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