Borgo Valsugana

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Borgo Valsugana is the main town in Bassa Valsugana.

The political and administrative capital of the valley, Borgo Valsugana offers the most remarkable surviving urbanised river landscape in Trentino. Dominated by the imposing Castel Telvana, the town is crossed by the River Brenta, which has contributed to giving it a delightful Venetian imprint.

What is there to see in Borgo Valsugana?
The Ausugum course with its shops and Baroque portals, the churches of S. Anna, San Rocco, San Francesco, the Pieve and the monastery of San Damiano, Castel Telvana (private), the Venetian bridge over the Brenta river, and Palazzo Ceschi.

The Valsugana diffuse museum is made up of a number of exhibition realities, some private, others of associations, others public, coordinated in terms of management by the Department of Culture through the library. They include:
Permanent exhibition of the Great War in Valsugana and on the Lagorai; Alcide Degasperi Hall; Galvan Hall; Casa Andriollo: SoggettoMontagnaDonna; Tognolli Forge; Scarecrow House; Lagorai Ecomuseum; Riparo Dalmeri; Spazio Klien.

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