Telvana Castle

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Immersed in the woods guarding the Borgo Valsugana lock are the ruins of Castel San Pietro, the solitary ruins of Castellalto testifying to a magniloquent past, and the lively bastion aggregate of Castel Telvana, the protagonist of one of the most spectacular landscapes in Trentino.

Situated in a panoramic position above the historic town of Borgo Valsugana, it has become its icon. From its position, Castel Telvana dominates the valley in all its extension.

Privately owned, it cannot be visited internally, but can be reached along a splendid mule track known as the Sentiero dei Castelli (Castle Trail), starting from the historic centre of Borgo, climbing the Telvana staircase, passing by the Chiesa dei Frati (Friars’ Church) and after reaching the castle, it continues along the slopes of Mount Ciolino to reach the remains of Castel S.Pietro and exit at Telve di Sopra.

As you approach, the magic grows as you ascend along the mule track, a medieval road that still retains its old-world charm, and after a few hairpin bends you reach the back of the castle, from where you can admire the entire Valsugana valley. The view is remarkable, the partially ruined towers and ‘lived-in’ walls exude a charm that one can hardly contain one’s excitement.

The history of this castle is long and adventurous. A pre-Roman castle and Roman stronghold of the complex of castles along the military road Claudia Augusta Altinate. According to an early document, it was destroyed by the Franks in 590, other sources prove its vicissitudes in the late Middle Ages. It was burnt down in 1665 and then rebuilt as a baronial residence.

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